red pepper dip

Easy Red Pepper Dip

As we move towards the Summer Holidays I plan to highlight some delicious, affordable and easy to cook picnic and BBQ recipes. This is part three from a series of vegan picnic ideas from
Louise Palmer-Masterton
, who is the founder of multiple award-winning restaurants
Stem & Glory. The first in this series was a delicious Vegan BLT and the recipe can be found here. The second recipe in the series was a delicious Vegan quiche and the recipe can be found here. The third recipe in the series was this amazing vegan egg mayo sandwich and the recipe can be found here.Part four is this interesting Czech style Vegan potato salad and the recipe can be found here.
Part five of this vegan, picnic and summer recipe share is this delicious Red Pepper Dip.This red pepper dip has a sweet and smoky flavour, making it perfect as a dip or served on the side with just about anything! So if you want to cook something that is part of an award-winning restaurants menu, now is your chance!

Chicken Kebab

Chicken Kebab - Greek Style Shish Kebab

Chicken Kebab - Greek Style Shish Kebab. This has been, by far the best of a great bunch of new recipes. The kids love it, I love it and who would have known it was so easy to make. We have cooked in the oven and on the
. If you don't try anything else on my site, make sure you try this one! If you like a shish kebab takeaway you will love this.

Easy sticky BBQ ribs

Easy sticky BBQ ribs - Perfect midweek meal

The kids love sticky ribs and these didn't disappoint. I was fortunate enough to find two packs in the yellow sticker section of the supermarket for £1.87 each. Originally I planned to do an Asian style meal with them but changed my mind at the last minute. This easy sticky BBQ ribs recipe only took about 5 minutes to prepare and was very easy to cook.

Easy Chicken Satay

Easy Chicken Satay with sticky rice and cucumber salad

Sometimes you need something quick and easy for your mid-week meals and this Chicken Satay recipe fits the bill well. Served with sticky rice and a cucumber salad, turns a traditional snack into an evening meal rather nicely.

Being unusually organised, I remembered to get the chicken breast out of the freezer in the morning, allowing them to be thoroughly defrosted by early evening.

It may appear to be a large list of ingredients. However a lot of it you may already have in the cupboard. It came in at just over £5 but did make enough for my lunch the next day.

Greek Pork Kebabs

Greek Pork Kebabs - Pork Souvlaki with Greek salad and rice

With the six-monthly family visit to the dentist after school today I needed something fairly quick and easy to cook on our return. I already had the pork from a yellow sticker haul last week. So grabbed that out of the freezer this morning.

These Greek pork kebabs can be cooked on a BBQ but the weather isn't quite there yet, so I used the grill in the oven instead today.