Chicken Satay with sticky rice and cucumber salad

Chicken Satay with sticky rice and cucumber salad     Yum

Monday night mayhem, thankfully all after school clubs have now finished for the term, so was happy to let the middle boy go to the park with his mates, whilst the little lady and I trundled off home via the shop for an ice lolly. With only Brownies to worry about the little lady played out with her mates at the front of the house.

Being unusually organised for a Monday morning I had already got three chicken breasts out of the freezer and they were now thoroughly defrosted. The plan being to do the prep before Brownies start and the cooking once the little lady had been picked up.


For the satay

3 chicken breasts – £1.80

small tin of coconut milk (165ml approx) – 50p

1 lime, zest and juice – 30p

3 tbsp smooth peanut butter,1 tbsp crunchy peanut butter, small piece ginger (finely grated), 1 tbsp clear honey, 1 tbsp soy sauce,2 garlic gloves (crushed) 1 tbsp mild curry powder – circa 50p all together

For the cucumber Salad

1 cucumber – 50p

2 tbsp white wine vinegar, 1 tbsp caster sugar, a big dollop of sweet chilli sauce, small handful of coriander leaves, roughy chopped (optional)- 25p all together


£1.00 worth of sticky rice

TOTAL PRICE £5.30 for 4 fairly big portions and one extra for the middle boys lunch tomorrow.


If they weren’t so busy having fun, this is a great meal to get help with as fairly easy.

  • I put the soy, smooth peanut butter, chilli powder, garlic, ginger lime zest and juice and honey into a bowl and mixed together with a fork. I chucked about 2/3 or the mixture into a pan for later and left the remainder for the marinade.
  • Putting the chicken breasts in clear bags one at a time I gave them a good bash with a rolling pin and then cut them into strips, lengthways down the breast. I then chucked the chicken in a the bowl with peanut mixture in a mixed all together, covered with cling and chucked them in the fridge.
  • I added the coconut milk to the saucepan with the remaining peanut mixture and added the crunchy peanut butter. I gently warmed this up, stirring to prevent burning and to mix together. It thickened to a nice sauce. So turned it off, covered and left for serving.
  • I pre-soaked my bamboo skewers to stop burning and then threaded the chicken strips onto them, almost like sewing, in and out like the letter ‘s’.

When ready to cook, I turned on the grill to warm it up and grilled the chicken for about ten minute, turning occasionally. Meanwhile, I made the Cucumber Salad.

  • I put the caster sugar and wine vinegar into a bowl and mixed until sugar had dissolved I then mixed in the sweat chilli sauce (optional).
  • Using vegetable peeler [like this] I peeled the cucumber entirely. I kept peeling until I got to seeds.
  • I then tossed the cucumber and dressing together and added the coriander too.

Before serving I warmed the peanut sauce a little.

Hey presto, delicious home made chicken satay with a cucumber salad and sticky rice, for a shade over a fiver!

Both the salad and the chicken could be upscaled and downscaled really easily, you can also griddle or BBQ the chicken too. Very versatile and super easy.


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