Cheating Chicken Kiev

Cheating Chicken Kiev     Yum



1 small pot soft cheese (10 tbsp approx)

4 garlic gloves, crushed

handful chopped parsley

8 rashers streaky bacon  

4 chicken breasts


First things first heat up the oven to 180.


Mix the cheese, garlic, herbs and some seasoning, then make a slice in side of each chicken breast. I use my fingers to make the whole bigger because its easier than a knife. Stuff the cheese and herbs mixture into each breast and then wrap in a couple of bits of the bacon, making sure you cover the pockets tightly.

Chuck it in the oven for about 20 minutes or cooked through.

I served this with green beans (because yellow sticker deal at shop today) and Potato wedges [check out the recipe here].

This hole meal took no more than half and hour to prep and cook, leaving me more time with the kids and enjoying the sunshine so happy days!



I actually paid full price on the chicken for this, so in total in comes to £5.13. However if you have some chicken in the freezer that was purchased on a yellow sticker it will obviously be cheaper.

Chicken – £3.34 | Cheese 49p | Bacon 40p | Parsley & Garlic 10p = £4.33

Potatoes for wedges 50p

Beans 30p

TOTAL £5.13

This week I have been chatting a lot with a lovely author, teacher and blogger on Facebook. She has written an amazing book to share with your children. I highly recommend taking a look….

Children worry about scary situations. What if I get lost? What if there is a fire? What if…?
‘How To Keep Safe…’ is a book for 4-9-year olds and their parents to share. Written by teacher, blogger, parent advisor and mum Jo FitzGerald, it’s a gentle, illustrated, rhyming story of a boy, his dog and his family. Together, they talk about what to do in case of getting lost, being in a home fire, or getting caught up in a dangerous event.

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