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Who needs Netflix and Chill, when you can have Netflix and Chill.

Neon light in heart shape and purple in colour

Being single I hadn’t really planned a ‘valentines’ post. So why do I find myself writing one and why is a day late? I have an urge to start this post with, ‘Once upon a time, in a far distant place……..” and give you a  story about being single on valentines night. How I don’t …

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Why I can’t live without my microwave

Family Kitchen

No kitchen is complete without a microwave, especially mine it seems. I may need to defrost some ingredients or re-heat a meal that had been cooked before. There are also so many delicious microwave recipes out there these days.  So when approached by Panasonic, I literally jumped at the idea of writing a post about …

General Musings

Why Starbucks, Costa & Cafe Nero should have baby change facilities in the mens toilets

Picture of dirty toilet

When I heard that the team over at The Dads Net were starting a campaign about baby changing facilities in men’s toilets, I immediately wanted to get involved. Not because I need such facilities these days. More because on a social level it should already be happening. So, not my normal type of blog today, …

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Turning the parenting level up to eleven

Up to eleven

As a parent there will always be milestones or challenges. This goes without saying. Sometimes you manage to take these as either lessons learned, or masterful achievements. Unfortunately, the results for my next crash course in parenting wont be realised for years to come, if ever. I find myself writing this, the day after my …

General Musings

My name is Ian and I used to be an Estate Agent

Sold Board

Please, please, please, don’t hold that against me. Many moons ago, in what felt like a different life, I worked as an Estate Agent for a reputable (yes I did use the words estate agent and reputable in the same sentence), independent agent.  The reason I am telling you this isn’t some form of therapy …

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