Best Tattoo Ideas For Men

Best Tattoo Ideas For Men

Although not as much as clothes fashions, tattoos are prone to changing trends too. Nevertheless, there are some constants too. We looked at the most popular places men like to be tattooed, top designs that have stood the test of time, and where women like their men to have a tattoo.

Best Places For Men To Get A Tattoo

Three factors have traditionally decided where men place their tattoos. Firstly, some areas are less painful when tattooed than others. Secondly, they must be in an area that can easily be covered up by clothing for work. Thirdly, it is nice to have a fairly large area to use as a canvas.

With these criteria, the two top areas men select for their tattoos are the back and chest. The chest has one drawback that puts the back to the front of the race. Before the tattoo can be traced and inked, the chest hair needs to be shaved. Again, after the site has healed, the chest must keep being shaved or waxed for the tattoo to be fully visible.

The bicep is another popular place for a tattoo. It can be made to stand out by developing the muscles, which are then emphasised. The pain is fairly mild. The upper arm is also favoured, with a nice wraparound effect and display of musculature. This tattoo can be extended to the shoulder and ages well due to its lack of crease lines.

Top Tattoos Chosen By Men

As a tattoo is permanent, most people are cautious about choosing a design that they will later regret. Some prefer an original design while others want something that has proven itself. These are the most frequently selected tattoos.

Men like tattoos that symbolise strength. Wild cats are the leaders in this category. The most consistent cats chosen are the tiger and the lion. These tattoos also state that there is something in the male that will never be tamed. Tigers and lions usually appear on the back, shoulders, or calves.

For those who don’t want a picture or a lot of colour, tribal tattoos are top of the list. Their complex design yet utter simplicity renders them visually pleasing. These are generally placed on the arm, ankle, or wrist. Celtic tribal tattoos are the primary choice for many men.

There is a rich lore of meanings attributed to dragons. A common interpretation is that the person is a rebel with a strong will. People born in the Chinese year of the dragon may also get this tattoo.

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Where Women Like Their Men To have Tattoos

Women have an equal liking for chest and forearm tattoos. The next favourite spot is the bicep with no specific preference for the outer or inner arm. Thereafter, shoulder blades are liked. Other places that received a mention, but not a high score, were the stomach, upper back, and shoulder into the chest. It seems women are not partial to calf and wrist tattoos on their men. Almost half of the women surveyed found full-sleeve tattoos to be the ultimate.

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, these insights will help you choose where and what to get.

Photo by Steven Erixon on Unsplash