Age appropriate chores for children

Age appropriate Chores for children – Chore list for kids

Child Friendly Chores

Apparently, I am a mean parent. Apparently, I’m the worse! 

No one else’s parents are this strict. Nobody else has to do everything at home. 

I only asked them to tidy their rooms.

It did get me thinking though. Chores and children. At what age is it appropriate to ask the kids to help out with housework. Are certain chores age-related? Age appropriate chores for children.

Washing up and flooded kitchens

When they were younger I used to almost dread them wanting to help with the washing up. It would always end with a flooded kitchen

Age appropriate Chores for children
Age appropriate chores for children

and all of the pots and pans would need doing again.  Looking back, I am glad that I allowed them the freedom to attempt the task at hand. Yes, it created more work for me. However, without realising it taught them some skills and responsibilities to take forwards.  

We have been a single parent household for the best part of nine years now. Having company in the kitchen has been an absolute pleasure for me. Not only with the washing up. All three of mine can load and run the washing machine. Plus, with different levels of supervision, they can all cook a meal. Ironically, it is the eldest that needs the most supervision in that department. 

Age appropriate chores for children

On a recent camping trip, each of the kids would take it in turns to help prepare and cook a meal, and one of the others would help wash up after. This is something I want to implement more at home from now on. 

They have each taken something from it and in turn, they have all learned to appreciate each other more. It is a genuine pleasure hearing them all thank each other for a nice meal, rather than hear the sibling’s squabbles of the past. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate that the bickering and arguments will still happen. But learning a little respect in between can only be a good thing. 

Child Friendly Chores

You may recall from my social media, during the initial lockdown we devised a chore chart. I listed the chores and under each one was a clear bag containing some money. 

If they needed extra pocket money or wanted to save towards a particular item. They could pick a chore and in effect get paid for it. 

Age appropriate Chores for children

Earn as you clean 

Each chore ended up having value. Something easy like vacuuming equated to a lower monetary value, compared to cleaning the bathroom or my car for example.  Being a little older, this method worked well with my lot. They are forever asking for extra money or saving for something. Plus, they could learn the value of money, together with the value of time and effort.

As an added bonus, I got help with some of the housework, giving me some time to kick back and chill.  It is amazing how fresh and clean a family bathroom can look when a teenager wants some VBucks. 

Age appropriate chores for children

To answer my first question. I think it is more to do with the child, rather than age. Some kids will want to be involved earlier than others. I trust my 10-year-old in the kitchen cooking more than I do my 15-year-old. However, he is a dab hand with the iron. Whereas the middle boy would struggle to iron a tea towel! 

I am a fairly laid back person by nature, so even when the kids were young. I would happily allow them to help out. This, I believe has certainly given them the skillset and confidence to tackle or attempt most household chores unaided. 

But today it seems, none of them wants to tidy their room. Today I am being unreasonable to expect anything from them. Today I am the meanest parent in the world. 

I guess you can’t win every battle.

Age appropriate chores for children


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