A Knock Knock Joke a Day Review (ad)

A Knock Knock Joke a Day Review 

I have been reading and following DaddiLife for a few years now and really enjoy the content. They have some fabulous Dads writing about all things fatherhood. So when asked if I wanted to read and review their latest book, A Knock Knock Joke a Day, I literally jumped at the chance. 

As you all know, I’m a Dad. I am also partial to the odd pun too. I personally think that I am a comic genius. The kids however disagree. 

Obviously, they are wrong.

However, in honour of fairness, I felt it may be time to sharpen up my joke-telling. So this book has landed at the perfect time. 

And it doesn’t disappoint. 

A Knock Knock Joke a Day Review

You have probably guessed already (as the name suggests), it is set out in diary format with a different

A Knock Knock Joke a Day Review
A Knock Knock Joke a Day Review

knock-knock joke each day, throughout the year. Perfect to annoy my little angels with every day from now on! 

Joking aside (yes I really did just say that), it isn’t just joke’s that you will find inside. On top of the priceless ammunition that you gain, you are also, rather expertly taught how to deliver the perfect joke. Yes, it is a joke book that keeps on giving. 

As an added bonus you are taught the history of the knock-knock joke too. So when your audience falls flat, you are armed with trivia to woo them back. 

My kids probably think that my jokes date back to the 1800s. In fact, I think they believe that I date back to the 1800s. However, they now know that in 1900 the Oakland Tribune newspaper published a ‘Do you know’ joke. 

‘Do you know’ jokes were the original knock-knock joke format. Their cited example was “Do you know Arthur? Arthur who? Arthurmometer!”

Yeah, thankfully the ‘do you know and the later knock-knock jokes got better.

If you want to know more facts, then you are going to need to head over to Amazon and buy a copy for yourself

The Jokes

I’m not going to tell you all of the jokes found within the book. But I couldn’t resist not sharing at least one. I won’t tell you which day it comes from. However for those that do buy the book, it is my birthday, so I will expect good wishes on the day. 

Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Harry who?

Harry up and answer the door!


A Knock Knock Joke a Day Review
A Knock Knock Joke a Day Review

As you read the book, you are filled with silly gags and puns every day and you will genuinely have the kids, their friends and the whole family (yes I have even tested them on my mother) laughing out loud. Or as my 11-year-old stated LOL’ing.

I am now armed and dangerous. I have the power that is a new joke for each day. Something that I really enjoyed are the special days. Beyond Christmas and the usual events, there are knock-knock jokes for special occasions such as Star Wars Day, National Pizza Day, National Play Outside day and loads more. 

A Knock Knock Joke a Day Review

This part is easy. So I will keep it simple. 

Did I like it? YES.

Should you buy it? YES

Will you love it? YES

Will I buy it for someone else? YES

You don’t have to just trust me either. There are some fabulous reviews over on Amazon already. 

So, head over to Amazon and buy a copy of A Knock Knock Joke A Day. 


I hope that you have enjoyed reading this, I know you will enjoy reading the book itself. If you want to follow me on social media then the links are below and you can also see a selection of my latest recipes. 




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