4 Tips to Make Sure Your Kids Are Eating Well

There are many, many challenges you will face as a parent, and getting your kids to eat healthy, nutritious foods can be one of them. While some children might be happy to eat whatever you put on their plate, others can be fussier whether that’s an apparent aversion to vegetables or a pledge that they will only eat chicken nuggets and chips. You want to make sure that your kids are eating enough throughout the day, but more importantly, eating enough of the right foods, so here are a few tips to get your kids excited about more nutritious meals.

1.   Try to Avoid More Adventurous Ingredients

Introducing your kids to new foods is important, and if your kids are more open to trying new things, then by all means use more exciting ingredients in your recipes. However, it’s also important to remember that children won’t have the same refined palate as you, and fruit, vegetables, and other ingredients that they aren’t used to might not taste great to them, or even the way an ingredient looks can be enough to put them off. If your children do tend to be fussier, try to avoid more adventurous ingredients, to begin with, until they get older to increase your chances of success at getting them to eat healthier meals.

2.   Get Them to Take Supplements

It is important to try and get your kids to gain the majority of their nutrition from their food but if you are having a hard time with a fussy eater, giving them supplements is an option worth exploring. This can help to make sure that they are getting some of the important minerals and vitamins your kids need to grow, and there are plenty of these products for kids that you can get from a local health store or online. You can also give these supplements to yourself such as this Liposomal Vitamin C from Abundance & Health if you would like to boost your health.

3.   Cook With Them

Another way to get your kids more passionate about healthy eating is if you invite them to cook with you. Not only will you be teaching your kids valuable life skills, but it can be a fun activity for them to enjoy and a good bonding opportunity for you and them. You can teach them about the benefits of each ingredient and why they should eat it, and try to make your meals as colourful and attractive as possible to convince them to try it even further. There are plenty of kid-friendly recipes you can try out together, whether that is for your main meals or baking a batch of tasty, but healthy, treats.

4.   Make Healthy Eating Fun

If your kids need a bit more of an incentive to eat healthy foods, you could try and turn it into a fun competition for them. Create a chart or checklist that they have to do every day, and offer them a reward at the end of each week for eating each item on that list. The rewards could be choosing what to have for dinner on Friday or Saturday night, or choosing a fun activity for the family to do at the weekend, for example.

If you’re a parent who is struggling to get your kids to eat nutritious foods, consider these tips and see if they can help to make a positive change.

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